Cornflower 1oz bag

  • $4.44

1oz of beautiful brilliant red corn flower 

comes in a 4x6 thick food grade plastic bag

Enter the realm of enchantment with our Cornflower, a delicate bloom with a rich tapestry of magical folklore. Harvested from fields kissed by the morning dew, each petal holds the secrets of ancient wisdom and mystical allure. Revered by cultures across the ages, Cornflower is steeped in mystical lore, believed to possess potent magical properties. Associated with love, prosperity, and intuition, this sacred flower has been cherished in rituals and spells for centuries. Whether adorning altars, weaving into charms, or simply admired for its natural beauty, our premium Cornflower invites you to delve into the timeless mysteries of the natural world and awaken your inner magic.

ways to use 

~ tea infusions 

~ decorating desserts

~ ritual & spell work

~ spiritual baths

~ herbal infusions