Sacral Activation Faerie Spell Jar

  • $10.00

Introducing our enchanting Sacral Activation Spell Jar, crafted with the mystical energies of marigold, carnelian stone, orange faerie dust, and one golden citrine crystal.

Ignite your creativity, passion, and inner fire with this bewitching blend.

Marigolds symbolize vitality and joy, while carnelian stone fuels your sacral chakra, unleashing your deepest desires. The orange faerie dust adds a touch of otherworldly magic, enhancing your intuition and connection to the spiritual realm. Lastly, the radiant citrine crystal amplifies abundance and confidence, empowering you to embrace your true self. Unlock the secrets of your sacral energy and awaken your inner enchantress with our Sacral Activation Spell Jar.


Handcrafted spelled jar made with intention & one of a kind 

comes with intentional description to keep