Red Botswana Agate Adjustable Ring

  • $50.00

Adjustable size - universal 

Ignite your spirit with our Energizing Red Botswana Agate Sterling Silver Ring. This ring features a captivating red banded Botswana agate stone set in sterling silver.

Red Botswana agate is renowned for its grounding properties, believed to enhance stamina, courage, and physical energy.

Let the fiery hues of this red Botswana agate infuse you with renewed vigor and passion, empowering you to overcome challenges and seize the day with confidence.

Wear this enchanting ring as a talisman of resilience and vitality, and embrace the healing energies it offers.


all rings come with a month return // exchange promise if it doesn’t fit right or it was a gift. We are always open to working it out 💖 just message us on fb or Instagram or email -