About Us

Garden Gypsy Collective has grown to Crystal Lume!

 We are Cas & Stephy Lou, the enchanting duo known as Garden Gypsy Collective. As multifaceted intuitive artists, we’re ignited by crystalline frequencies, & growing for over 12 years in the crystal industry. From fluttering across the country to various art and metaphysical events, we’ve now opened our first brick-and-mortar store, Crystal Lume, inspired by our Lemurian inspiration.

Embark on our journey as we delve into metaphysics, astrology, intentional self-discovery, creativity, healing, aromatherapy, herbalism, and the profound connection to the divine nature. At the core of our work with Crystals & Minerals lies a deep passion for supporting mine owners, conscious sustainable harvesting, and exclusively endorsing Conflict-Free sources—a commitment forged through years of building relationships and aligning with earth-loving intentions. Welcome to the luminous realm of Crystal Lume! ✨