Rainbow Labradorite ring size 6

  • $77.00

Ring size 6 

🔮Embark on a journey of enchantment with our Rainbow Labradorite Sterling Silver Ring. This ring showcases a mesmerizing rainbow labradorite stone, delicately set in sterling silver, radiating with ethereal hues and cosmic energy.

Labradorite, known as the stone of magic and transformation, is believed to awaken one’s inner intuition, creativity, and spiritual insight.

Let the mystical energy of rainbow labradorite illuminate your path, guiding you towards greater awareness and enlightenment.

Wear this enchanting ring as a talisman of protection and empowerment, and allow its metaphysical properties to harmonize your energy field and awaken your true potential. Illuminate your spirit with the magical glow of Rainbow Labradorite and sterling silver, and embrace the mystical radiance within.


all rings come with a month return // exchange promise if it doesn’t fit right or it was a gift. We are always open to working it out 💖 just message us on fb or Instagram or email - thecrystallume@gmail.com