Chakra Gemstone Set // 7 carved chakra crystals, info card & bag

  • $24.44

Listing for one Chakra Crystal Set 🌈

this set includes
•7 gemstones corresponding to the energy centers in the body
•card explaining the chakras meanings & gemstone info 
•comes in a small bag for you to keep


•Red jasper (Root)
>> safety, life force
•Orange Aventurine (Sacral)
>> confidence & creativity
•Honey Calcite (Solar)
>> self empowerment
•Green Aventurine (Heart)
>> love & emotional balance
•Lapis Lazuli (Throat)
>> Communication & truth
•Iolite (Third Eye)
>> Envisioning
•Amethyst (Crown)
>> Spirit connection


Perfect chakra mediation tool, perfect for on the go, perfect for home alter or grid work, great for putting on the body for a healing crystal layouts, and so much more!! just play and tap in~

Love always,
Garden Gypsy Collective


PS also baby Tansy blessed each Chakra set 😊 hehehe