Cramp Bark

  • $5.55

1oz bag of the magical Cramp Bark, a botanical treasure steeped in ancient wisdom and beautiful energy. Each delicate morsel holds the essence of feminine power, resilience, and healing, making it a cherished ally for those seeking relief and empowerment.

In magical folklore, Cramp Bark is revered for its potent properties of protection, strength, and renewal. It is believed to ward off negative energies, promote balance, and instill a sense of inner harmony and vitality. Whether used in rituals, spells, or ceremonies, Cramp Bark serves as a sacred conduit for tapping into the divine feminine energy and unlocking the secrets of transformation.

To harness its magical properties, Cramp Bark can be infused in teas, baths, or sachets, allowing its mystical essence to permeate your being and illuminate your path. Let its gentle yet powerful energy guide you on a journey of healing, empowerment, and spiritual awakening. Experience the enchantment of Cramp Bark and embrace the magic within


Cramp bark is also a powerful womb herb 🌿 to honor the cycles each month and bring us back into balance 🩷