Earth Rain 4oz Spray

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Immerse yourself in the ethereal essence of Earth Rain, a mystical aromatherapy mist meticulously crafted with the harmonious blend of patchouli, rosewood, neroli, and ginger.


This enchanting elixir, born of pure essential oils, is a dance of nature’s fragrances, each droplet infused with ancient magic and heartfelt intentions. Let the grounding whispers of the earth embrace you, as this mist envelops you in a transformative aura—earthy, cleansing, and a conduit to the enchantment of the natural world.

🌲🌞💧 :: ~ ::💧🌞🌲

4oz spray bottle

safe to use as a magical perfume or room spray to bring grounding, earthy connections. It also is helpful for connecting with the water fae & elementals ✨