Intuitive Healing set // Lepidolite, Aragonite & Azurite

  • $20.00

Lovely bundle set of intentional stones to use as tools to harness & awaken new potential in your energy field.

for this one we were feeling deep spiritual release & protection from negative emotions & mental patterns 

~ included in this bundle is one magical slice of lepidolite, one perfect little popcorn of Aragonite & one bubbly Azurite stone 


these stones can be used individually or together to amplify certain energies in your life - do whatever feels right for you!

Metaphysical healing

Azurite - releasing the ego, intuitive downloads, mental clarity, visions manifesting, psychic awareness, acceptance & trust.

Lepidolite - calming inner peace, releasing overwhelm, promotes change, encouragement, positivity, self love, healing, awareness, emotional balance, goodness

Aragonite- emotional cleanser, stability, healing, grounding, balancer, strength, confidence. 

- set includes crystal cards to keep -

comes home wrapped in love with a gift of gratitude 💫