Larimar Ring size

  • $90.00

Size 7.5

Dive into the tranquil depths of the ocean with our Oceanic Blue Larimar Sterling Silver Ring, a serene homage to the beauty of the sea.

captivating oval larimar stone in a mesmerizing shade of oceanic blue, delicately set in sterling silver. Larimar, known as the stone of Atlantis, is believed to embody the calming energies of the sea, promoting relaxation, clarity, and emotional healing. Let the soothing energy of larimar wash over you like gentle ocean waves, relieving stress and instilling a sense of peace and tranquility. Wear this enchanting ring as a reminder of your connection to the ocean and its healing powers, and allow its metaphysical properties to guide you on a journey of inner harmony and well-being. Illuminate your spirit with the serene seascape of Oceanic Blue Larimar and sterling silver.

((price has been reduced from $111))