Rose Hips 1oz bag

  • $4.44

1oz 4x6 food grade plastic bag of

Beautiful Rose Hips ~ bundled in love

"Immerse yourself in our enchanting Rose hips, where nature's bounty meets mystical charm. Harvested from the heart of blooming rose gardens, each tiny pod carries the essence of romance and vitality. Beyond their culinary and medicinal uses, Rose hips are steeped in magical lore, believed to hold potent mystical properties. These sacred fruits are said to embody love, protection, and spiritual renewal, making them a cherished ingredient in ancient rituals and spells. Whether infused in teas, potions, or simply admired for their natural beauty, our Rose hips invite you to embrace the magic of the natural world and awaken your senses to the wonders of the unseen.

comes in a 4x6 food grade plastic bag