Standing Bolivian Amethyst

  • $133.00

Perfect Purple Amethyst Generator point from Bolivia 

+ 6 faccepted point

+ standing generator 

+ measures to be 4” tall from the top point to the bottom 

+ weighs 568 grams ( 20oz )

one of a kind crystal

100% ethically sourced 

properties include: 
a powerful healing stone for the mind, body & soul. Amethyst is a natural protector from negative energies, habits & addictions. It amplifies the aura in a way that allows your inner spirit to shine with intuitive inspiration. Allow its beauty & wisdom to awaken the highest potential within you  

Generator shape meaning: 

A generator crystal usually has 6 faceted sides that meet at the apex. Generators are quite special in their formation and should be treasured when working with! They are potent earth energy “batteries” allowing one to easily access and utilize the electromagnetic energy of the earths aura. One can use this energy receptively to recharge ones energy banks if one has drained or has been ill/ injured. They can also be used in a directive manner to broadcast prayer & thought energy through the electromagnetic field of the planet ~ much like a radio broadcaster. 

“Generator crystals are special entities and are now surfacing on the planet in order to assist in the mass transformation & energetic shifts which are occurring. Individuals and groups can utilize these stones to broadcast healing and love through the earths energetic field, to be received by all the beings on the planet” — The book of stones ( Robert Simmons ) 


+ this is a special point that will be wrapped with extra love and care to arrive safely home to you. 


includes a crystal healing card to keep and a gift of gratitude <3