Ginger Root 1oz

  • $3.33

Introducing our 1oz Ginger Root, a magical herb revered for both its culinary excellence and mystical properties. Sourced from the finest gardens, each knotted root carries the essence of ancient wisdom and enchantment. Beyond its culinary prowess, ginger is steeped in mystical lore for its magical properties, believed to bring protection, prosperity, and fiery passion into the lives of those who embrace it. Whether used in teas, culinary creations, or ritualistic practices, our Ginger Root infuses every moment with its mystical essence, elevating both the senses and the spirit."


Ginger root is incredibly versatile and can be used in various ways:

• culinary use

• home remedies

• tea infusions 

• spells & rituals

• aromatherapy 

• cocktails & mocktails

• inflammation support