Helichrysum Flower 1oz bag

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The Helichrysum flower, commonly known as the "Everlasting" or "Immortelle," is a vibrant and enchanting bloom known for its enduring beauty and potent magical properties. These flowers, which retain their bright yellow color and shape even when dried, are cherished for their unique attributes in various spiritual and magical practices.

Uses in Magic

  • Spells and Charms: Helichrysum flowers can be added to spell bags, charms, and amulets to imbue them with protective and healing energies.
  • Incense and Smudging: Dried Helichrysum is burned as incense to purify spaces, attract positive energies, and enhance spiritual practices.
  • Ritual Baths: Adding Helichrysum to bathwater helps cleanse the aura, promote healing, and attract prosperity.
  • Meditation and Divination: The flowers are used during meditation and divination practices to heighten intuition, clarity, and spiritual connection.

1oz bag of Helichrysum flowers 🌼