Intuitive manifestation bundle // amethyst, sapphire, Lemurian calcite, tiger eye, smoky Quartz

  • $20.00

Intuitive Manifestation bundle made to bring clarity & focus to your dreams ✨

Stones included:

AMETHYST- spiritual awakening, protection, healing & inspiration. 

SAPPHIRE - third eye awakening, calming, wisdom activator. Psychic protection, & mental acuity.  

SMOKY CITRINE - removing negativity, inspiring joy & abundance. Increases focus, clarity & grounding energy. 

LEMURIAN CALCITE - dream awareness, emotional healing,  deeply nourishing the spirit, calming & clear. 

TIGER EYE - energy, balance, manifestation & will power. 

comes home with stone healing properties to keep 🦋

All packages include an intuitive gift of gratitude