Jasmine Flower 1oz bag

  • $5.55

1oz Jasmine Flower  
comes in a 4x6 thick food grade plastic bag

love 💕 abundance 💸 intuition 🔮 dreams 🌈 
Indulge in the captivating allure of Jasmine, a fragrant flower renowned for both its aromatic essence and mystical properties. Sourced from the most pristine gardens, each delicate blossom carries a whisper of magic, infusing your senses with its intoxicating scent and enchanting presence. Beyond its aromatic charm, Jasmine is steeped in ancient lore for its mystical properties, believed to foster love, enhance spiritual awareness, and bring prosperity into the lives of those who embrace it. Invite the magic of Jasmine into your rituals and spaces, whether through teas, sachets, or aromatic blends, and let its mystical essence elevate your senses and spirit.

use this beautiful flower in 

~ spells & ritual work

~ tea infusions 

~ spiritual baths 

~ aromatherapy

~ skincare 

~ potpourri