Mugwort Herb 1oz bag organic

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Unlock the mystical properties of Mugwort with our enchanting 1oz Bag of Mugwort. Revered in folklore and traditional practices, Mugwort is known as the "Dream Herb" for its ability to enhance dreams and spiritual journeys. Our premium Mugwort is carefully harvested and dried to preserve its potent magical qualities, making it an essential addition to your herbal collection.


  • Magical Herb: Known for its use in dream work, divination, and spiritual protection.
  • 100% Natural: Wildcrafted and dried to maintain its natural potency and aroma.
  • Versatile Uses: Perfect for teas, incense, dream pillows, and ritual baths.
  • Aromatic and Potent: Releases a distinctive, herbaceous scent when burned or brewed.


  • Dream Enhancement: Promotes vivid and lucid dreams when placed under your pillow or consumed as tea.
  • Spiritual Protection: Used in rituals to ward off negative energies and enhance psychic abilities.
  • Meditative Aid: Assists in deepening meditation and connecting with higher realms.

How to Use:

  1. Dream Pillows: Place a small amount of Mugwort in a sachet and tuck it under your pillow to enhance dreams.
  2. Incense: Burn Mugwort as incense to cleanse your space and invite positive energies.
  3. Tea: Brew a teaspoon of Mugwort in hot water for a calming, dream-inducing tea (consume with caution and awareness of any allergies).
  4. Ritual Baths: Add Mugwort to your bathwater for a purifying and protective soak.