Star Ruby Mini Wands

  • $8.00

Star Ruby Wand 🌟

The perfect mini wands (or star ruby fingers polished on top) to add to your collection!

This listing is for ONE Star Ruby mini wand. 

They measure under 1.5 inches. Smallest being 1 inch. 

Rubies have a beautiful history. They have been recorded as early as 200 BC in trades along China’s Silk Road. They are listed in the Old Testament as one of the 12 sacred gemstones. Rubies & Sapphires have been honored by ancient royalties and honored even to this day. 

Ruby is the birthstone of July. 

Another amazing thing is most Rubies are fluorescent! When you shine a black light on rubies they turn a bright red or pink! 

Rubies and Sapphires are the same mineral composition and same mineral structure - corundum. But what makes Rubies and Sapphires different is color, which happens by different trace amounts of elements in the corundum mineral. 

Rubies are red and Sapphires are blue.
The red in Ruby is from chromium.
The blue in Sapphires are from iron and titanium.   
otehr trace minerals including copper & magnesium  or other combinations of the minerals causes different colors of sapphires too. (Colors including yellows, oranges, pinks or even greens)