Titanium Aura Quartz Point // Sterling silver Pendant

  • $33.00

T I T A N I U M • A U R A • Q U A R T Z 

•• high vibrational light crystal

•• amplifies healing energy

•• clears & cleanses the chakras 

•• enhances creativity 

•• helps remove blockages

•• enhances psychic powers 


{ listing is for ONE of these beautiful one of a kind sterling silver pendants ~ intuitively chosen with you in mind } 


choose the color cord you would like us to add in~  

•black  •grey  •dark brown  •sienna brown  •tan  •khaki

type the color in the NOTES at checkout~ 

if you have a special size you know you want it like 15”—25” inches let us know! And we can add a clasp. Or else we will just leave it so you can tie it yourself 🌝


<•> all jewelry comes with a lifetime promise of care & repair! <•>


 Thanks for the love and support! 
Cas & Lou