Enchanted Rose Flowers 1oz bag

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Enchanted Dried Roses 1oz bag 

Our Enchanting Dried Roses are more than just beautiful; they are imbued with mystical properties that have been cherished for centuries. Perfect for rituals, spells, and holistic practices, these roses bring a touch of magic into your life. Each petal is carefully dried to preserve its natural beauty and potency.

Magical Properties:
- **Love and Romance:** Dried roses are a powerful symbol of love and affection. Use them to attract or enhance romantic relationships.
- **Healing and Protection:** The petals are believed to have protective qualities, offering both physical and emotional healing.
- **Divination and Spirituality:** They aid in enhancing psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.
- **Luck and Prosperity:** Incorporate them into spells to attract good fortune and abundance.


Ways to use: 


bath rituals

spells & sachets

infusions & potions

what ever your heart desires 🌹🌹🌹