Horsetail Herb 1/2oz bag // herbal apothecary

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Discover the mystical allure of our one-ounce package of Horsetail herb, a sacred treasure from the heart of nature's sanctuary. Each slender stem carries the ancient wisdom and elemental magic of the earth, harvested from pristine meadows where the energies of land and sky converge.

Horsetail is steeped in mystical folklore, revered for its potent magical properties. Believed to embody strength, resilience, and grounding energy, this sacred herb has been cherished in ancient rituals and spells. Whether infused into teas, potions, or included in sacred ceremonies, our premium Horsetail invites you to reconnect with the elemental forces of nature and awaken your inner magic.

great to use for:

tea infusions

herbal bath

hair rinse


magical intentions 

spells & rituals