Juniper Berry 1oz herb

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Wildcrafted Juniper Berries

Our Wildcrafted Juniper Berries are carefully harvested from pristine forests where they grow naturally. These berries are hand-picked and dried to preserve their potent, aromatic qualities. Juniper berries are small, blue-black berries with a distinctive piney, citrusy flavor. They are a popular ingredient in culinary dishes, particularly in European cuisine, and are famously used to flavor gin.

use in

• culinary

• beverages 

• aromatherapy

• medicinal

Juniper berries have a rich history in magical and spiritual traditions. They are often associated with protection and purification. In many cultures, juniper was believed to ward off evil spirits, negative energy, and even diseases. The ancient Greeks and Romans used juniper berries in various rites and rituals, and they were a symbol of strength and protection.

Magical properties: 

• protection 

• purification

• healing

• love & attraction

• dream work

ritual uses:

• incense 

• bath rituals 

• amulets